Story-telling / Story-listening: Decolonizing Research

Learning how to listen - this is a lifelong practice. 
As a way to help prepare for climate change (changes to land, water, living beings and inter-relationships) I am developing this practice by recording oral stories/teachings. Listening to stories builds relationships of mutual respect and reciprocity, through podcasts - a modern invention for internet broadcast - yet they build on the age-old medium of storytelling. Podcasts are a lot like radio, except they live on the internet, forever. 
Story-telling / Story-listening: Decolonizing Research Through Podcast as Storytelling explores multiple Indigenous and cultural worldviews, sciences, pedagogies and cosmology. The series features interviews with Tłı̨chǫ knowledge-holders John B. Zoe and Janet Rabesca, Elder Albert Marshall from Mi’kma’ki, and my teachers Melanie Zurba, and Sherry Pictou from L'sɨtkuk (Bear River Fist Nation). By listening to their teachings, we are sharing a space with their voices and honouring pre-colonial oral traditions. 

Episode 1 we hear from Dr. John B. Zoe about Decolonizing Research with the Tłı̨chǫ Nation

Episode 2 grounded in her family’s experiences on Tłı̨chǫ lands and waters, Janet Rabesca talks about adapting to climate change

Episode 3 we share stories with Elder Dr. Albert Marshall in about Mi'kmaq resilience and responsibilities to M’sit No’kmaq (all my relations)

Episode 4 we reflect on the podcast season in conversation with Dr.’s Melanie Zurba and Sherry Pictou.

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Jessica Hum 
MREM Candidate, Dalhousie University

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