self-serve online service for Proof of Vaccination Credential

Yellowknife (October 12th, 2021) – The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) is announcing that residents will have a new way to access their COVID-19 vaccination records. Residents will be able to download an updated Proof of Vaccination Credential (PVC) through a self-serve online form.

Starting October 12th, 2021, you can use the self-serve online form to apply for and download your Proof of Vaccination Credential. The self-serve online form will make it faster and easier to access your COVID-19 vaccination health record and will reduce the need for in-person pick up of your COVID-19 Vaccination Records. Access the self-serve online form here:

The Proof of Vaccination Credential has been updated to be consistent with federal requirements. The information contained in the PVC will include name, date of birth, and dates and description of vaccine. The format is standardized to allow for it to be used across the country. This credential contains your personal health information and should be kept private unless you need to demonstrate your vaccination status.

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