Left to right Gary Bekale, Germaine Eyakfwo, Henry Gon, Judal Dominicata, Jimmy B. Mantla, & Jimmy Arrowmaker. Left to right Gary Bekale, Germaine Eyakfwo, Henry Gon, Judal Dominicata, Jimmy B. Mantla, & Jimmy Arrowmaker.

Gamètì Community Government Council goes online

Community Government of Gamètì Council members are tapping keyboards, Google searching, replying to e-mails and scrolling through Council documents on their new laptop monitors, thanks to twelve refurbished laptop computers supplied very recently through Computers for Schools (CFS) program funded through Innovation ,science & economic development department of Canada

The laptop computers will prove to be a significant resource to Community Government of Gameti Council members as they work toward a digital documentation process.

“With each Council member having his own laptop computer, it will be much easier and quicker to communicate with our residents wherever they are,” remarked Gameti Chief David Wedwin. “It won’t matter whether residents are travelling out of town or at work in the mine, we can e-mail the information they have asked for so it’s ready when they have a chance to access it on their computer.”

Keeping in touch with the community and its needs is of key importance to Council members.

“Online communication is how the 21st century world operates,” observed Community Government Senior Administrative Office Judal Dominicata. “The laptop computers we have received through the Computers for Schools program will allow us to enhance communication within our local community and also to gain the same skills the rest of Canada use."

“I have been privileged to facilitate the delivery of hundreds of refurbished computers to communities throughout the Northwest Territories & Nunavut over the past several years,” said Sudhir Jha volunteer with smart communities society-CFS since 2011. “It is clear to me that the individuals receiving the computers understand their potential for improving the quality and frequency of communication to individuals far and wide. Improving communications are the key steps in developing knowledge, enhancing the quality of life and having sustainable communities in Northern Canada.”


 For more information please contact:

Judal Dominicata

Senior Administrative Officer

Community Government of Gamètì 


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