Aboriginal Head Start - “Wings of Change…Soaring Together”

Early childhood staff from Gamètì, Whatì, Behchokǫ̀ along with the Pre-natal coordinator from Behchokǫ̀ are attending the Alberta Aboriginal Head Start Regional Training Event in Enoch, Alberta March 14th-16th.

Staff have been participating in a number of workshops on teaching pre-school children early numeracy and literary skills, nutrition, science and math, art activities, trusting children as learners, and how to promote meaningful play experiences so that children are  given the opportunity for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in the early years.   

There are also a number of workshops to teach how to work with children who may have special needs as well as workshops on stress and burnout for adults who work in the field of early childhood.

For more information please contact:

Louise Richardson 
Manager of Early Childhood Programs
Tłı̨chǫ Ndek'àowo / Tłı̨chǫ Government


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